Corporate Governance

Corporate Policy

The Board of Directors recognizes the importance of Good Corporate Governance as the Board of Directors foresee that it is significant and necessary to the Company’s business operation to have effective management system and is an important factor in promoting the Company’s business to be continuously expand and secure which may build confidence to shareholders, investors, and related parties. In addition, this shall highly benefit the Company in the long term. Therefore, the Company has established Good Corporate Governance policies in compliance with principles of Good Corporate Governance for listed companies of the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s in order to implement in supervising on the Company’s business. The Board of Directors has distributed Good Corporate Governance policies to directors and all levels of employees in order to be understood and followed. The contents of the policies shall cover the following major principles.

  • Treat all shareholders and other related parties equally and fairly to all parties.
  • The Company’s Board of Directors is willing to establish long-term value added to the business, manage the business prudently and carefully, responsible for performing duties with sufficiency ability and efficiency in order to maximize benefit to shareholders, control conflict of interests and responsible for their own decision and action.
  • Operate the business transparently, morally and verifiable, adequately disclose information to all related parties.
  • Operate business cautiously, particularly in risks management by providing assessment, establish solving strategies and continuously monitor risk management appropriately and regularly.
  • The Board of Directors has set ethics of the Company in order for executives and all employees to follow including to be consistent with the guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The Board of Directors therefore set policies and directions of Good Corporate Governance, emphasizing on internal control and audit system, management department monitoring to ensure that they effectively implement the policies for the purpose of long term benefit of shareholders under the provision of laws and business ethics.
  • Promote and encourage all directors and executives to attend training programs held by Thai Institute of Directors Association: IOD and other institutes in related programs continuously to increase various fields of knowledge about roles and responsibilities of directors and executives.