About Us

Company Profile

U City is a diversified real estate investment and development company with a global horizon. We engage in both ‘greenfield’ development, as well as local and overseas real estate investments. Our overarching approach focuses on sustainable growth that is responsive to contemporary consumer lifestyles, whilst being conscious of local environmental and social needs.

Our business is separated into a recurring income property arm and a property development for sales arm.

Recurring Income Property Business

  • Hospitality
  • Office
  • Alternatives

Property Development for Sales Business

  • Residential

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Our Strategy

Our assets are anchored on being proximally located along current and future mass transit lines, in order to benefit from the ‘mass transit premium’. Our varied portfolio and nature of investment, facilitates our strategy of sustainable growth through business cycle risk mitigation and flexibly converting opportunity into value for our shareholders. U City also takes a partnership approach in its business to gain access to real estate opportunities that were hitherto unavailable on a standalone basis.

Our Underlying Opportunity Set
  • Mass Transit Expansion

    Thailand and Bangkok in particular, is currently undergoing a multi-decade infrastructure shift from ‘roads-to-rails’ transportation. The expansion of Bangkok’s immature rail mass transit network uncovers investment and development opportunities, enhances the value of land and stimulates demand for property in general. Properties that are in close proximity to mass transit lines enjoy generally higher occupancy or take-up rates, higher rate of value uplift over time and are less sensitive to economic downturns.

  • Surge in Global Tourism

    The ubiquity of low-cost and flexible travel options has made travel never before more convenient and accessible to larger portions of the global community. Travel and tourism is among the fastest growing businesses globally and the hospitality sector has enjoyed strong investor appetite and fund inflows.

Our History