18 August 2004


Bangkok August 18, 2004 - Full range real estate developer Natural Park Public Company Limited (N-PARK) leads the trend towards expanding business opportunities and adding value to existing properties by extending its operations to the service industry. The drive is to fulfill increasing demand for more comfortable and tasteful metropolitan lifestyles.

As part of this, the first LENÔTRE cuisine and pastries outlet, from France, has opened for business at N-PARK's Natural Ville Executive Residences located on Langsuan Road, one among the most luxurious serviced apartments in Bangkok.

Mr Rungyos Chantapasa, Vice President Business Development, Natural Park Public Company Limited, said the first LENÔTRE cuisine and pastries outlet in Thailand at the Natural Ville demonstrated the Group's one step ahead beyond the typical real estate development industry - delivering a full range of quality housing and 'metropolitan lifestyle' services to people in their daily lives as well as their growing businesses.

'The world's established expertise of LENÔTRE's food and pastries services undoubtedly ensured success in our new business extension into the service industry and customer satisfaction in Thailand,'

'Unlike other fast changing fashion trends weaked as time goes by, French cuisines and pastries features a unique physical and especially, emotional taste, that has long been recognized all over the world, and in Thailand as well.'

'Not long after its unofficial launch in May, LENÔTRE has been drawing a large crowd with more than 260 business and individual customers a day and a significant growth of nearly 60% at the start. The growth has amazingly rose to 80% from June to July with the an impressive daily sales volume of 120,000 baht, or 3.6 million baht per month.'

'With the capacity of 70 customers at a time of service, LENÔTRE offers excellent potential for growth. From this, estimated revenue of 40 million baht for the first year operation is surely possible. Capitalizing on LENÔTRE can be an unconventional competitive advantage for us,' he added.

LENÔTRE brand offers two types of services, CAFE LENÔTRE and LENÔTRE BOUTIQUE. CAFE LENÔTRE, a contemporary finest dine in restaurant with French cuisine style and ambience. The first debut of its cuisine in Bangkok at Natural Ville Executive Residences marked the first CAFE LENÔTRE in Asia. LENÔTRE BOUTIQUE, a convenience pastries served for take away services.

'We are working on the expansion to add more three LENÔTRE outlets by the end of this year. Target locations mainly rely on Bangkok's downtown and hotels in our group such as Sofitel Silom or in other N-PARK's properties. The expansion of CAFE LENÔTRE or LENÔTRE BOUTIQUE vary according to functions, locations and specific customer demands,' said Mr Rungyos.

He continued, 'Thriving on the current business direction, we concentrate more on adding value to our existing properties, which include residences, condominiums, apartments, serviced apartments, office buildings, hotels and the commuting. We do this especially in extending our strength into the service and entertainment industry to meet the needs of the market and lifestyles of our potential customers.'

Founded by a French culinary master Mr. Gaston LeNôtre, LENÔTRE is one of the most prestigious cuisine and catering service provider in France with over 50 years of professional expertise. Its operations include food and bakery services, culinary schools and catering and function management services. The chain also manages more than ten celebrity clubs in Paris.

More over, it has formed a large circle of international alliance with local retail businesses in South Korea, Japan, USA, Morocco, Germany, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Thailand. In Japan, LENÔTRE is operating 16 outlets.

LENÔTRE manages more than 6,500 food service and catering contracts a year. Some of its service portfolios include EU Summit, World Cup France 98, Olympic in Sydney and recently Olympic in Athens, Greece and more.